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Global variables

Global variables are persistent values you can define and use throughout your entire workspace and within Automations. With Global variables, users can store centralized information and pass data between Automations. This improves consistency in your Automations and saves valuable time as you define them once only. For example, teams can use global variables for reoccurring credentials, monitoring and updating a status, and many other use cases.

There are two types of global variables:

  • Raw value variable
  • Secret variable

Global variables are displayed on the left-hand side navigation menu. Open the page to show all global variables.


Global variables are available to use with the variable picker.

Creating a new global variable

  1. On the left-hand side navigation menu, click GlobalVariableIcon > New Variable. The New Global Variable dialog box opens.
  2. Enter the parameters:
NameName of global variable.
ValueValue of the variable.
SecretSelect the checkbox if you wish to define the variable as secret. Uses the default secret manager of the workspace.


  1. Click Create. Global variables are available in the variable picker

Using global variables

Use global variables anywhere that the variable picker is available. All existing global variables can be found in the GLOBAL VARIABLES section in the var picker.

  1. Click + to open the variable picker.
  2. Select a global variable. If its a secret, the variable value is not displayed. If not, its value is displayed on the right-hand side of the variable picker.


  1. Click Add. The global variable is defined in your Automation Step.