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Run Automation

Run a specific automation by its ID and the worksapce's ID.


Automation IDThe ID of the automation to execute.
Input ParametersAutomation's input parameters, JSON object containing key-value pairs.

Input example:
"param_a": "param_a_value",
"param_b": "param_b_value",
"param_c": true,
Run SynchronouslyCheck to run the automation synchronously.

Note: This will result in a larger execution time of the action. Consider adjusting the action step's timeout configuration accordingly.
Timeout (s)If the automation runs synchronously, the amount of seconds until the automation's run will timeout if it did not yet finish executing.
Workspace IDID of the workspace (can be taken from blink.GetWorkspace).

Automation Library Example

Run Automation with Blink and Send Results Via Email

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