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Introduction to Blink

Blink transforms your daily security tasks into automated workflows.

Blink is a security automation copilot that generates automated workflows to handle repetitive tasks and enforce security policies – simply by typing a prompt. With no-code, low-code, and full coding capabilities, you can automate any security or infrastructure workflow across your entire security stack.

Blink has 7K+ pre-built workflows that are available to download from the Blink Library, so you can start automating best practices and common tasks right away. Integrate with popular tools to automate all things security – and beyond. How Blink benefits your organization:



FocusOne centralized platform for all your workflows, so you can focus on work instead of infrastructure.
UniversalBuild infinite automated workflows and integrate with any API.
VelocityBuild workflows faster with thousands of pre-built integrations and a library of purpose-built automated security workflows.
ComplianceEnforce compliance policies to ensure adherence to customer SLAs and security procedures.


SOC & Incident ResponseReduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and swiftly resolve alerts by expanding your incident response workflows.
Cloud SecurityTake action on alerts from tools like Wiz and Orca to improve your cloud security posture using no-code automation and generative AI.
Vulnerability ManagementDetect vulnerabilities, promptly take action, and consistently update outdated software across cloud resources.
IT/SaaS SecurityEnsure ongoing vigilance and effective oversight of your infrastructure security through tailored guardrails.
Identity & Access ManagementEnhance approval flow efficiency, expedite access requests, and remove obstacles for developers, all while ensuring application security.
Governance, Risk & ComplianceRegularly monitor your application for SOC2, ISO, GDPR, or other compliance checks and diligently enforce controls.


Self-service automated workflowsCreate a catalog of self-service apps that empower coworkers to request permissions or onboard new team members.
Better customer supportAutomations help you onboard new customers faster and respond more quickly to customer service and support needs.
Grow operational knowledgeInteractive automated workflows and user-friendly UI enable any security practitioner to accomplish complex tasks.