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Sharing Workspace Resources and Access Permissions

Sharing resources allows members of a workspace to use resources created by others, but not to modify them. This allows team members to collaborate on projects easily and efficiently.

When a Workflow is designed it only appears in the workspace of the creator. To share with others, the Workflow can be exposed to users and groups, thus appearing in their the Self-service portal.

Sharing Workspace Resources

A workspace groups all of your Workflows and resources such as connections, runners and actions. Only a user of a workspace has access to the Workflows and the resources. All the Workflows of a workspace appear on the Workflows page.

  1. Click Menu > Workspaces Settings. A dialogue box opens with the details of the workspace and the option to invite a new member to your workspace. You can invite only a member of the tenant. You can see a list of all the members of your workspace and control their permissions. Each member is assigned one of the following roles:
OwnerCan invite new members to the workspace, change user permissions and delete users.
ContributorCan design, edit and execute Workflows.
MemberView-only permission. Cannot create or modify workspace resources and Workflows. Members can execute existing Workflows

Every workspace must have at least one owner.

Sharing Runners

You can give permission for members of another workspace to use your runner.

  1. Click Menu > Resources > Runners.
  2. Click the three vertical dots of the runner you wish to share > Edit > Sharing Permissions. Select a workspace from the dropdown menu. This shares the runner with all members of the selected workspace.

Sharing Connections

You can give permission for members of another workspace to use your connection.

  1. Click Menu > Resources > Connections. All connections are displayed.
  2. Click on the connection you want to share. An Edit Connection dialogue window opens.
  3. In Sharing Permissions, use the dropdown menu to choose which workspaces to share the connection with.