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Automation Overview page

Clicking on any Automation in a Pack takes you to the Automation Overview page. This page displays general information about the Automation, details of each Step, and details about past executions.

Overview of an Automation

The Overview page displays information about an existing Automation and enables you to Edit or run the Automation.

The left-hand side displays the details of an Automation.

Activate/deactivateActivates or deactivates the Automation.
Automation nameName of the Automation.
DescriptionDescription of the Automation.
TagsTags used to easily search for the Automation.
Run environmentEnvironment in which the Automation is run. The default runner that is used is Blink-Cloud.
Run methodsMethods to run an Automation (depending on the trigger type).
Self serviceExposes or hides the Automation in the Self-service portal.
Notify on errorEmail address for notifications if errors occur during an execution.

Click NewPen to edit.

The right-hand side of the Automation page displays the details of a specific Automation (input and output parameters, and its Steps). By clicking on a Step its details are exposed.

Viewing Automation outputs

View past executions in the Execution History tab. The left-hand side of the screen lists a history of executions and their status. The status can be one of the following:

CompletedExecutionCheckThe Automation has run successfully.
StoppedExecutionPausedThe Automation has been stopped by the creator.
In progressExecutionProgressThe Automation is running.
PendingExecutionPendingA Step is pending human approval.
FailedExecutionFailedThe Automation failed to execute successfully.
Timed outExecutionTimedOutA Step has timed out as no approval was granted.
  1. Click on any execution and the details of that specific execution are displayed. On the top of the page, a status bar shows relevant information pertaining to the execution. Beneath it you can see input parameters entered by the user, and details of each Step.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click on an output parameter to see details about a specific output that was returned to the user.

Viewing the event payload of event-based Automation

See the payload that triggered a certain event.

Note This is relevant for Automations triggered by webhooks and pre-defined events.

  1. Navigate to see past executions in the Execution History tab and select an execution.
  2. View the event payload of an event-based Automation by clicking View Event next to the Trigger. An Event dialog box opens. You can copy the event to create another Automation.