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Account security settings

This document describes how to fill in the account's security settings.

  1. Navigate to the security settings on the Blink platform. In the bottom-left corner click on the rounded icon with your initials on it
  2. A dialogue box will appear, click on Account Settings


Login & Authentication

Authorized Domains

Blink provides the option to restrict domains to access an account. For example, if you want to allow only to access your account, but you already have users, they will automatically get an Unauthorized error message and be logged out.

  • Administrators of the account have bypass to this setting in order to make sure the account administrator isn't locked out of his account.

Identity Provider

Blink provides the option to configure an external Identity Provider to use within the Blink platform. Any SAML app can be connected to Blink.


Disable Blink-Cloud runners

If you wish for members of your account not to use the Blink cloud runner, you can disable it by selecting the checkbox. This means you need to create your own runner to use in each workspace.