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Cisco Domain Protection Cisco Domain Protection

Cisco Domain Protection automatically identifies, monitors and manages emails sent on your behalf. It provides an easy way to identify and eliminate illegitimate email messages and block malicious ones to prevent phishing attacks impersonating your company's domain.

Creating a Cisco Domain Protection connection

Using Client Secret

To create the connection you need:

  • A Client ID
  • A Client Secret

Obtaining the credentials

Follow the Cisco Email Security on how to generate your client ID & Secret tokens.

Creating your connection

  1. In the Blink platform, navigate to the Connections page > Add connection. A New Connection dialog box opens displaying icons of external service providers available.
  2. Select the Cisco Domain Protection icon. A dialog box with name of the connection and connection methods appear.
  3. (Optional) Edit the name of the connection. At a later stage you cannot edit the name.
  4. Select Client Secret as the method to create the connection.
  5. Fill in the parameters:
    • The Client ID
    • The Client Secret
  6. (Optional) Click Test Connection to test it.
  7. Click Create connection. The new connection appears on the Connections page.