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Kubernetes Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management. Kubernetes automates operational tasks of container management and includes built-in commands for deploying applications, rolling out changes to your applications, scaling your applications up and down to fit changing needs, monitoring your applications, and more—making it easier to manage applications.

Creating a Kubernetes connection

To create the connection you need:

  • A bearer token
  • A Kubernetes API URL

Obtaining the credentials

A connection can be based on a dedicated service account with specific permissions attached to it. To create a service account and fetch its login information, follow these instructions.

A connection to a k8s cluster can only be achieved with proper networking configuration between the provided cluster and the runner in use.

Creating your connection

  1. In the Blink platform, navigate to the Connections page > Add connection. A New Connection dialog box opens displaying icons of external service providers available.
  2. Select the Kubernetes icon. A dialog box with name of the connection and connection methods appears.
  3. (Optional) Edit the name of the connection. At a later stage you cannot edit the name.
  4. Select Token as the method to make the connection.
  5. Fill in the parameters:
    • The bearer token
    • The API URL
  6. (Optional) Click Test Connection to test it.
  7. Click Create connection. The new connection appears on the Connections page.