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Vault Vault

Vault provides encryption services that are gated by authentication and authorization methods.

Creating a Vault connection

To create the connection you need:

  • A Vault token
  • A Vault address

Obtaining the credentials

  1. Set up your Vault account as described in the guide Introduction to Vault.
  2. Once the server is running, a token is generated and displayed in the console.

Creating your connection

  1. In the Blink platform, navigate to the Connections page > Add connection. A New Connection dialog box opens displaying icons of external service providers available.
  2. Select the Vault icon. A dialog box with name of the connection and connection methods appears.
  3. (Optional) Edit the name of the connection. At a later stage you cannot edit the name.
  4. Select Token as the method to create the connection.
  5. Fill in the parameters:
    • The Vault token
    • The Vault address
  6. (Optional) Click Test Connection to test it.
  7. Click Create connection. The new connection appears on the Connections page.