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Search Group Objects

Search group objects by group ID.

Basic Parameters

Group IDThe ID of the group, Can be obtained via the List Groups action.
IDsSearch by the IDs of the objects, provide a comma-separated list.
SearchSearch terms, separated by '

Advanced Parameters

Custom FieldsSearch by the custom filter fields, for more information, Asset Panda documentation.
Last ModifiedSearch by the last modification time, for more information, Asset Panda documentation.
LimitThe amount of records that are returned.
OffsetThe offset of the returned records.

Example Output

"totals": {
"objects": 10,
"group_totals": 10,
"offset": 0,
"limit": 1
"entity_actions": {},
"listing_fields": [
"not_viewable": 0,
"objects": [
"id": "objectID",
"display_name": "ID001",
"action_objects": [],
"secondary_name": "SN204GH",
"display_with_secondary": "ID001 <SN204GH>",
"field_values": [
"data": {
"field_1": "ID001",
"field_15": {
"id": "objectID",
"value": "string"
"field_4": "string",
"field_6": "string",
"field_8": "string",
"field_10": "string",
"field_11": {
"id": "ID",
"value": "Available"
"field_2": "string",
"field_9": 659.47,
"field_40": "string",
"field_41": "string",
"field_18": "string",
"field_12": "2021-12-27T21:37:27.640Z"
"object_depreciation": false,
"object_appreciation": false,
"share_url": "{objectID}",
"created_at": "2021-12-27T15:37:27.640Z",
"updated_at": "2023-11-14T09:24:53.993Z",
"is_editable": true,
"is_deletable": true,
"object_version_ids": "2",
"has_audit_history": false,
"is_locked": false,
"is_archived": false,
"entity": {
"id": 198267,
"key": "asset_items"

Automation Library Example

Search Group Objects with Asset Panda and Send Results Via Email

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