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Get Training Enrollment

Retrieves a specific training enrollment from your KnowBe4 account.


Enrollment ID-

Example Output

"enrollment_id": 1425526,
"content_type": "Uploaded Policy",
"module_name": "Acceptable Use Policy",
"user": {
"id": 796742,
"first_name": "Sarah",
"last_name": "Thomas",
"email": ""
"campaign_name": "New Employee Policies",
"enrollment_date": "2019-04-02T15:02:38.000Z",
"start_date": "2019-04-02T15:02:38.000Z",
"completion_date": "2019-04-02T15:02:38.000Z",
"status": "Passed",
"time_spent": 2340,
"policy_acknowledged": false

Workflow Library Example

Get Training Enrollment with Knowbe4 and Send Results Via Email

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