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New Alert

Triggers a workflow on every new alert.


Automations based on this trigger will search for new events every 5 minutes.


FieldsA comma delimited list of fields. Filters the response to only include the listed fields for each object.
FilterFilters the response to include only the results that include the specified value.
You can substitute _all with a field name to filter on only a specific field.
Note that filtering is only available for id, type, acked, rule, chain, severity, cleared, sdted, startEpoch,
monitorObjectName, monitorObjectGroups, resourceTemplateName, instanceName, and dataPointName.

Operators include:
Greater than or equals: >:
Less than or equals: <:
Greater than: >
Less than: <
Does not equal: !:
Equals: :
Includes: ~
Does not include: !~

Sample Event

"resourceId": 0,
"anomaly": true,
"instanceName": "string",
"monitorObjectId": 0,
"endEpoch": 0,
"rule": "string",
"threshold": "string",
"type": "string",
"startEpoch": 0,
"enableAnomalyAlertGeneration": "string",
"internalId": "string",
"ackComment": "string",
"monitorObjectName": "string",
"dataPointName": "string",
"instanceId": 0,
"dataPointId": 0,
"suppressDesc": "string",
"nextRecipient": 0,
"suppressor": "string",
"id": "string",
"detailMessage": {},
"ruleId": 0,
"tenant": "string",
"alertValue": "string",
"adAlert": true,
"ackedBy": "string",
"severity": 0,
"sdted": true,
"ackedEpoch": 0,
"chain": "string",
"SDT": {},
"subChainId": 0,
"enableAnomalyAlertSuppression": "string",
"receivedList": "string",
"monitorObjectType": "string",
"customColumns": {},
"acked": true,
"resourceTemplateType": "string",
"clearValue": "string",
"instanceDescription": "string",
"dependencyRoutingState": "string",
"monitorObjectGroups": {},
"dependencyRole": "string",
"chainId": 0,
"resourceTemplateId": 0,
"cleared": true,
"adAlertDesc": "string",
"resourceTemplateName": "string"